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Virtually Fly the Mail in 1920

As World War One was winding down, the United States Post Office launched an ambitious program to break the monopoly of the railroads carrying the mail across the nation. Back then it took six days for a letter from New York to reach California. Those new fangled aeroplanes might cut that time in half, and eventually they did and even better.

But in 1920, flying the 2651 miles from Long Island to San Francisco Bay was a challenge, a dangerous one. To accomplish it, the Post Office contracted with local communities to build flying fields, some 15 in all, less than half of which are still in existence. But through the magic of Virtual and Augmented Reality, we can bring them back to life.

Airmail 1920 envisions rebuilding those vanished aerodromes, starting with one of the more famous in Omaha, Nebraska as depicted in the prototype images posted below. They are screen captures of the VR program created in Unity that lets the player explore the airfield and hangar once located at 63rd and Center Street, now Aksarben Village.

As a possible play-to-earn game, you can pilot vintage aircraft between airmail fields scattered across the Metaverse. As an AR app, you can visit and explore the original airfield locations and earn points in the process, points that can be redeemed for valuable awards and/or tokens.

Sectional Map
Omaha VR airfield 1

Omaha VR airfield 1